Turret Restoration

Kontempo-Sleeve is a sleeving process for the upper turret on your Amada punch press, which eliminates the need for replacing the costly upper turret disk.

Over time the upper turret bores will wear and become oversized and egg-shaped. This is a common occurrence, and left untreated will greatly increase tooling costs and dramatically reduce accuracy.

This Sleeving process is accomplished at your site, at your convenience and without removing the upper turret disk on most machines, thus minimizing down time. Down time depends on the amount of stations sleeved, however a complete turret usually takes only two days. Our centering procedure is referred from a point on the turret that concentric to the bore, thus ensuring an Amada OEM tolerance.

TSI’s Sleeving process is a permanent and an economical solution to bore wear. If the need is only a few stations, an outside track, or a complete turret to be refurbished, TSI can help you maintain the desired tolerances you need to stay competitive in your business. Often it requires costly man-hours for deburring and sanding. This will increase the cost per piece beyond the range to be competitive. Our goal is to help you achieve peak performance from your equipment, while minimizing maintenance and production costs.

The floor space required for our service equipment is the same work space already designated for the punch press and will not interfere with other work areas. All work performed includes a 36-month warranty on all parts and labor. In the event a replacement Kontempo-sleeve is required, simply place your order at our toll-free number, 1-888-686-5900.  Kontempo-sleeves will be shipped to your facility with instructions and can be installed by your own personnel. The Kontempo-sleeves are a long-lasting solution to upper-turret disk bore wear. The Kontempo-sleeve carries a 36-month warranty that covers parts and labor.