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Turret Sleeving

Turret Restoration Experts

Turret Sleeving International, Inc., a Utah based company, has over 23 years experience refurbishing the upper turret stations of the Amada turret punch press. TSI has installed over 90,000 sleeves, world- wide and continues to grow.

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Amada EMK M2 Series Punch Press

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Amada Owners, do you have problems with:

  • Burring?
  • Breaking tools or dies?
  • Parts being out of tolerance?
  • Dull tooling?
  • Tool guides becoming loose in the upper-turret bore
  • Have you considered replacing your Amada Punch Press
    because you feel it’s worn out?

TSI Kontempo sleeving is a process for repairing the upper turret on Amada punch presses. This process extends tool life, eliminates the need for replacing the costly upper turret disk, and returns your punch press to Amada OEM specifications!

The turret restoration is done on-site, at your convenience. A complete turret restoration usually takes only two days!

TSI has been solving turret accuracy problems for the past 26 years and has installed over 100,000 Kontempo sleeves worldwide!